Please take a moment to review our Frequently Asked Questions
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What is included in our services?
Our services are complete, making this the one-stop-shop for all of your golf needs. When making your reservation you will be provided with a pick up time for your transportation. All of our fees include round trip transportation, cart fees, green fees and local taxes. Please see the description of each course for additional included extras.

How do we get your there?
Safe and Sound. We use only the most modern and comfortable vehicles to take you to and from the course. We are partnered with certified transportation companies that have been inspected and authorized by the Dominican Transportation Authorities for Tourism Transportation.

All rates are in US Dollars and are subject to change without prior notice, please reconfirm the rate when making your reservation.
Punta Cana Tee Times rates include the Green fee, cart fee & round trip transportation, extras such as rental clubs, food and beverages and purchases in the Pro Shop’s are not included and must be paid directly to the course. Please note: When using your credit card, you will be charged in pesos at the exchange rate established by Punta Cana Tee Times.

Rental Clubs
Rental clubs are upon a first come, first serve bases, therefore we cannot confirm clubs will be available . Should the clubs be unavailable you will be asked to wait until the next set is freed. No refunds are given should there not be clubs available, should you like to return to your hotel without playing you will be charged a transportation fee and the difference will be refunded in the same form as the payment made.

Cancellation Policy
It is important to contact us immediately if you need to cancel your reservation in order to avoid additional fees if you are still in the time frame. If you fail to show up for your pick-up all monies paid will be forfeited.
You may contact us at the following numbers:
1.809.552.6290 | 1.809.455.1408 | 1.809.729.6999

Rain Checks
Every golf course has its own rain check policy. It is important to check with them in the Pro Shop upon checking with our driver. It is under the course’s discretion to authorize or not a rain check and / or refund if the case merit’s it.
Punta Cana Tee Times in no way has any role in making this decision.

Rider or accompanying guests are permitted to ride along if the course has enough carts available to accommodate all of the golfer’s playing at that moment. Every course has an established Rider’s fee that is paid directly to the course upon checking in for your round of golf.
Punta Cana Tee Times does not charge a transportation fee for riders.

Dress Code
Proper golf attire is required at all of the golf courses. This applies to both players and rider alike - collared shirts, tailored pants or Bermuda length shorts (no cutoffs), and appropriate footwear are acceptable.
Men:      T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, Jeans and sweat pants are not acceptable.
Women: T-shirts, tank tops, spaghetti string shirt, Jeans and sweat pants are not acceptable.

Entry and Visa requirements
A passport is required to travel to the DR. Citizens of the US and Canada can enter with a tourist card (entry tax) purchased at the port of entry.
Citizens of countries for which visas are required can enter the DR with the purchase of a tourist card if the traveler already has a visa for legal entry to the US, Canada, European Union or Great Britain. Others need to request a visa at the closest Dominican consulate.

Caddies & Golf Bag
At most golf courses, caddies are NOT mandatory but available. Note that the caddie fees are to be paid in CASH US Dollars to the caddie directly at the end of each round. The usual fee is US$25.00 per cart and an additional tip to your discretion is expected. We recommend that you take you golf Bag back to your Room/Villa after every round to avoid the long wait at the course while the caddies search through the hundreds of bags already stored there.

Golf Accessories
Balls, Gloves, sunscreen, etc. are much more expensive than what you are used to. We suggest that you bring enough balls to last your stay or be prepared to pay between US$16 – US$21.00 per sleeve. We recommend that you bring a few extra gloves in order to have enough to let each dry out between rounds. The where in the Dominican Republic is very humid and you will probably sweat more than usual.

Because the courses are semi-private and cater to mostly tourists, the minimum handicap required to play is 36. This means that you may encounter less skilled golfers.

Slow Play
In the Dominican Republic it is expected to play a round in less than 4.5 hours per round. Please try to enjoy your round and keep up with the players in front of you. If you fall more than a hole behind, please wave the group behind you through so the flow of play continues.

What to Take
Two words say it best ..... TRAVEL LIGHT. You will enjoy your vacation more with a suitcase which isn’t too heavy. The weather usually permits you to wear light clothing all day long. At most, we suggest you bring a windbreaker to cover yourself from the showers that pass by from time to time.

Travel Documents
Don’t forget to take your AIRLINE TICKETS AND PASSPORT!! Always be sure to check your airline tickets as soon as you receive them to be sure that they are accurate and complete. DO NOT pack your airline tickets or passport in your suitcase and DO NOT carry your airline tickets around with you. It is a good idea to use the hotel safe for valuables.

We suggest that you bring an estimate of the cash you will need in US dollars. In most cases, if you run out of cash you can always pay by credit card in most establishments. Pesos is the local currency and is excepted everywhere in the Dominican Republic. US dollars are widely accepted, but when paying US cash, expect to receive your change in Pesos. Should you need more cash, ATMs are available, but note that the money it will dispense is in Dominican Pesos. When making a withdrawal, you will need to calculate the amount of US dollars into pesos. For you convenience, here is a quick exchange table:

US$1 = RD$38.00
US$10 = RD$380.00
US$20 = RD$760.00
UD$30 = RD$1,140.00
UD$50 = RD$1,900.00

Be sure to check with your bank what the charges will be. The banks are also a good place to change money and are open
Monday – Friday usually 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. It is more expensive to change money at travel agencies or hotels.

Miscellaneous Information

• Drinking from the faucet is not recommended. You should be OK using it to brush your teeth, but don’t swallow it. Most hotels provide bottled water;
restaurants and bars use purified water and ice for your food and beverages.

• The electric power frequency is 110 V 60 Hz

• Don't forget sunscreen and bug repellent with at least 20% DEET -- Off Deep Woods is good (you may need it after a rain shower) -- but basically they've
  taken care of their "bug problem".

• The tipping is not mandatory but is a nice thing to do when someone works hard to please you. But in general you can tip: the luggage carrier $1.00 USD
  per bag, the maid like $3.00 to $5.00 USD per person/day, and the waitress/butler about $25.00 USD per day.